SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

Reserve your spot now only taking 30 clients


>>>Ready To Make A Transformation?<<<


We are looking for local men and women who fit the following criteria to transform their life and body in just 63 DAYS:


− 25-60 years old and would love to feel better and get leaner

− 10-30+lbs of fat to lose

− Would like to build strength and confidence

− Stressed and busy

− Have trouble with restrictive dieting

− Goal driven

− Willing to invest 4 hours per week for 45-50 minutes


Serious Inquires only! 30 spots only.


Before you signed up for Fit 4 Photos, I will send you

the program guidelines that you needed to adhere

to before signing up to the program.


This is an excuse-free program, and it’s very important to

me that you don’t make any excuses.  I don’t like

them. :)


Anyway as a reminder, here are the program guidelines:


1) Commit to the full 9 weeks with no excuses

2) Allow me to use your before and after (the professional shoot) pictures on my website and social media

3) Make no excuses why you missed a workout or slipped up on diet. This is an excuse-free program.

4) Be willing to log the foods you eat and the workouts you did daily in an online journal (I will provide the workouts and meal plans)

5) Be an active and supportive member of our private Facebook support group daily (this will be your new family and is a huge part of the program and people's success)

6) Be willing to workout more than once a day if needed (this will be required as the program goes along).

7) Be willing to send me weekly photos so I can monitor progress

8 ) By the end of the first week, have found a professional photographer in your area and schedule your photo shoot for the end of the 9 weeks.  We can help with this.


You should print these out and post it somewhere you can

review them daily.



PH. 832-665-0520



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