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Spring,tx boxing fitness
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Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance / Stamina / Strength / Flexibility  
Power / Speed /Coordination / Agility / Balance / Accuracy 


This is your new home & fountain of boxing knowledge that will lay a solid foundation from which youwill get fitter by participation at even the lowest level. You will get out what you put in.  I promise you that if you dedicate yourself to the learning & the gems being delivered that you will determine how deep you want to go in, and how far from the shore you want to swim. If this gets somebody in the gym, working out on the heavy-bag, I will be extremely pleased.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free
Ph. 832-665-0520 



Download and complete all forms and bring with you to your  first day at Pound 4 Pound

P4p Boxing Questionaire

P4p Boxing Waiver

We Love to Box
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Boxing Head Protectors Mounted On Wall


We teach frustrated and struggling adults who want to find long lasting weight loss results and position themselves so that they can increase agility, coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness.


Desperate? Overwhelmed? Are looking for long-lasting and possibly permanent weight loss results but have no clue or idea and too confused with all the information on the internet about losing weight and getting fit. What we do is… teach, you one of the most intense sports that offers a multitude of benefits to the body and mind that facilitates weight loss so that you can improve your cardiovascular health, weight loss, stamina all the while boosting self-confidence, decreasing depression and relieving stress.


Boxing Gloves

A boxer’s body is the epitome of fitness, good health, strength, speed, flexibility & functionality – it’s all in balance.

Have that lithe, lean & muscular look of a well-trained boxer. Getting a body that is muscular and combat ready requires hard work, but it isn’t out of reach for the average Joe. Even if you never have any intention

of stepping into the ring, it’s still possible to have a physique

comparable to these modern-day warriors.

You don’t need any specialist training or fancy equipment; you can get ripped/lean & toned by doing simple exercises They’re not glamorous – and you’ve probably done them a thousand times before – but they are highly effective. We stick to the basics, and we do the basics well...

Just like boxing.

 You also get two-for-one on this score so not only do you become able to fight and in condition to do so as well. You will learn to have long-lasting and permanent weight loss results in

Just 3 months?

Finally! A Simple program That Will Allow You to Improve strength (of both body and character), speed, aerobic, anaerobic fitness, agility and muscular and cardiovascular endurance, the bread & butter of any fighter’s routine. While making the average guy (or) gal on the street extremely envious. Walking around cut up while packing serious muscle.

As well as providing a means of Self-Defense you will naturally receive in our boxing program.

In This program You'll Discover:

· Exactly how to have that lithe, lean & muscular look of a well-trained boxer. You also get the two-for-one not only do you become able to fight and in condition to do so as well. You will have learned to have long-lasting and permanent weight loss results in the quickest way possible (you've never seen it done this way before).

· A professional trainer/trainer’s will be leading you every step of the way, detailed program, energizing atmosphere which is super important because it helps guide you, keeps you accountable and motivated, takes out the guess work. All you must do is show up, follow the program, dedicate your-self to the learning that is being delivered and put in the work. 

· Suitable for all fitness levels which is huge because we can safely and effectively take you to the next step in your fitness and health goals through expertise and science.

· A different workout daily taking out the guesswork and frustration of getting fit which you'll want because you will not hit a plateau in your weight loss or get bored causing you to lose momentum.

· and much more...                   




Best of all, no student is ever required to fight or spar.

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